Round Pond Garden

Established in 1994 from a bare paddock, Round Pond is the home and garden of Mike and Julie Russell.

The garden now comprises of four hectares, with one hectare of intensively planted hedges, garden rooms, perennial borders and rose plantings. The balance encompasses specimen trees, olive trees, buxus and topiary features, a 200 metre expanse of poppies and wildflowers in the spring and early summer, and the round pond.

It all began in 1981 when Julie and Mike met, joined forces and embarked on a shared journey of horticultural production, initially on a property across the road where they grew pip and stone fruit, fresh cut and dried flowers, and developed a one acre garden.

The move in 1994 (now with three daughters) to a much larger property, (growing organic pip and stone fruit and process crops) provided a green fields opportunity to further develop their interest and skills in gardening and growing.

Round Pond Garden has featured in several magazines and television programmes, including Maggie Barry's Gardening Show.

Julie and Mike are always striving to make the garden a more interesting place, so the idea of developing it as a place to exhibit both large and small scale sculpture has been an exciting and rewarding process.